Moving Melodies

Today, I am exceptionally grateful for music. Many people love music and it is incorporated in so many aspects of life. It is used in movies and commercials to evoke different emotions without you even noticing. The more I think about it, music is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

It has been around for centuries and continues to bring people together. Centuries ago, people would gather from all around to hear a new orchestral pieces or operas. Over the years, music became more accessible and more people would listen and attend concerts. It is one thing that can connect you to a room full of strangers. I experienced this when I attended Austin City Limits (ACL) in October. As you walk through the festival, it is just a sea of people who came for the exact same reason you did, to enjoy good music. People will go to concerts and have very different reactions and experiences but everyone there is still connected through the music itself. There are not many things in the world that can bring together a immensely diverse group of people but it happens at concerts everyday. This is just one of the beautiful things that music can do.

Music is also an amazing way to express your emotions. As I was sitting in my room feeling very depressed one day, I put on my favorite Mumford and Sons record and just sat and listened. It brought me out of my slump and put a smile on my face. It gives you something to connect to emotionally and makes you feel like you aren’t alone no matter what you are going through. Like when you go through a break up and scream Taylor Swift songs at the top of your lungs driving around town, or jamming to Halsey on a good day. No matter what is going on or what mood I’m in, music is my go to.

Lastly, it can make going through everyday mundane tasks better. This is a given. What would a long road trip be without music? Or cleaning the house in silence? From Thomas Tallis to Pearl Jam, music can put a spring in your step and make any task less daunting. It even makes the world look a little brighter as I am walking to class at 9 am everyday. Music is a core part of my day and I am forever grateful for that.


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