New Year’s Resolutions

Can these New Year’s Resolutions really be successful?


Seeing that staring a blog was one of my “New Year’s Resolutions,” it seemed fitting to make it the focus of my first blog post.

So many people don’t even attempt to make a New Year’s Resolution because of excuses like “It won’t make a difference” or “I won’t be following it in a month anyway.” This is the mindset that I have had for many years. This year is different and I gave in to the tradition of making these resolutions. Although I agree that these resolutions are often failed attempts at starting something new, the idea is a good one. Making New Year’s Resolutions are all about a “new year, new me.” The beginning of the year is a great time to start making these changes that you want to see in yourself but making a change will take time. So many resolutions fail because people will not be patient enough with themselves or completely deny themselves. Let’s take dieting for example. People won’t stick with it long enough to see the slow change that will come with dedication. Also, when people deny themselves of everything they want while dieting, it often fails. I have personally been “dieting” since the start of the year. I have tried to diet and lose weight many times but I have always “fallen off the wagon” per say. I found that when these diets fail, it is because I went overboard and denied myself every indulgence that I craved. This diet has been much more successful because it has involved portion control and patience with myself rather than starvation and complete denial. This is similar to other things like wanting to be more organized or saving more money. All of these resolutions to make changes in your life require patience with yourself. It won’t be easy but if you understand it will take time and forgive yourself when you mess up, then your resolutions will likely be much more successful.

A few of my personal resolutions include creating a blog and actually keeping up with it, taking more time for myself and the typical one, lose some weight. I plan to accomplish all these things by being patient with myself (particularly with losing weight). This year another goal I have is to actually be dedicated and follow through with my resolutions.

What are some of your resolutions and how do you plan to accomplish them?

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